Reiko Aylesworth – See Montclair Film Festival’s Globe Premiere Screening of Undesirable Parents

A “dog-eat-dog world of over-zealous hyper-competitive youth sports obsessed parents.” Not in Montclair proper?

Well in fact, yes-at the world premiere Montclair Film Festival‘s screening of Bad Parents.

The film starring Janeane Garofalo, Reiko Aylesworth, Rebecca Budig , and Ben Bailey, is a witty, satirical comedy that exposes a planet exactly where “trophy kids” are like a new drug and addict parents will stop at nothing to insure their next repair. It’s soccer moms, and dads, gone wild.

Appearing in particular person for any Q&A immediately following the film is writer, producer and director, Caytha Jentis.
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Join other parents, the good ones and, yes, the negative ones, at Clearview Bellevue Cinema 4 on Wednesday, October 3 on the Red Carpet at 7 pm. The film begins at 7:30 pm.

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